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LASA has continue to grow and develop into an important screening opportunity for filmmakers. We make the process simple, you can submit to our festival through the Filmfreeaway and send us a link to your film. We want to bring the very best work in film arts to public attention, and support the growth of creative talent internationally. We do this by identifying and celebrating excellence, discovering, inspiring and nurturing new talent, and enabling learning and creative collaboration.

We prefer streaming services such as Vimeo or YouTube. Submissions to the annual LASA International Film Festival are now open! To submit, more information about submitting, early-bird deadline, deadline, Terms & Conditions, please visit the LASA listing on FilmFreeway .

Rules & Terms

For all films
1 At this time, we are only requesting online submissions and all materials must be viewable online.
2 By submitting your film to the festival, you agree to allow your film to be screened by the festival during the festival run, for which you are submitting, at no charge to the festival.
3 By submitting to the festival you are admitting copyright ownership of everything submitted.​
4 The festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission at any time, if there is any question of ownership, copyright infringement or any sign of disrespect (in any form of media) to the festival or its representatives.
5 There is no premiere policy for films, they may have screened at other Festivals and/or online.
6 All films MUST contain English, Spanish or Portuguese subtitles files. Subtitles can be sent separately or made available for download.
7 All submissions for festival are to be paid through FilmFreeway platform. The submission fee is non-refundable.
8 The festival inform all submitting parties, if their film has been successful or not. Successful submissions will receive important information on the Festival, press and publicity, guest accreditation, contact information and how to make the most of participating in the Festival.
For screenplays ONLY
1 Only short screenplays will be accepted. We do not accept feature-length screenplays.
2 Screenplays should be properly formatted and have an approximate length of 1-45 pages.
3 Screenplays must be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
For selected films ONLY
1 Selected films MUST provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) in order to be screened at the Festival. The film title MUST be clearly labelled on the DCP.
2 Selected films must acknowledge that the festival reserves the right to promote the films on website and social media using both images and video that you provide.

We are not-for-profit arts organization

LASA is an independent organization that believes in bringing together communities by creating transformational film going experiences.

We remain committed to creating connections and sharing films with you, now and into the future. We are sincerely grateful for our ever-supportive audiences. For those who are in the position to help us, we deeply appreciate your contributions.

lasa international film festival location base
lasa international film festival location base

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