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LASA 2021
7/23 to 8/01

The LASA International Film Festival will soon release the films and scripts selected for the 2021 edition. Everyone is invited to participate in LASA 2021.

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Apresentações dos artigos e ensaios sobre cinema e audiovisual

Inscrições abertas para a participação nas apresentações dos artigos e ensaios do LASA 2021. As apresentações serão abertas a perguntas e ao debate. As inscrições podem ser feitas através da plataforma Sympla. Para se inscrever clique aqui ou nos banners abaixo. A participação dá direito a certificado digital para todos os participantes.

Inscrições abertas - 2021

Nominated Short Films

Discover the nominees short films for LASA 2021 - Best Short Film

Nominated Feature Films

Discover the nominees feature films for LASA 2021 - Best Film

Nominated Documentary films

Discover the nominees documentary films for LASA 2021 - Best Documentary

Nominated Short Documentary Films

Discover the nominees short documentary films for LASA 2021 - Best Short Documentary

Nominated Animated Films

Discover the nominees animated films for LASA 2021 - Best Animated Film

Nominated Screenplays

Discover the nominees screenplays for LASA 2021 - Best Short Film Screenplay


Best works in film arts

LASA International Film Festival is a cinematographic event that takes place in Brazil/Latin América. The film festival has films selected in a rich program, with fascinating discoveries and premieres of cinematographic films in the world.

We accept all length films from all countries around the world, made by prominent or young directors, that treat a variety of themes that incite debates for different audiences. Don’t miss the chance and submit your work to one of our categories.

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Independent Society

We are an independent society that also serves as a platform for artists to share their stories. We rely on income from donations, support and corporate partnerships to support our work.

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Check out our schedule consisting of features, shorts, documentaries, animations... The Festival constantly strives to set the standard for excellence in film programming.



We care so much of the production process, paying attention to each detail


LASA / international film festival


LASA has continue to grow and develop into an important screening opportunity for filmmakers. We make the process simple, you can submit to our festival through the Filmfreeaway and send us a link to your film. We want to bring the very best work in film arts to public attention, and support the growth of creative talent internationally. We do this by identifying and celebrating excellence, discovering, inspiring and nurturing new talent, and enabling learning and creative collaboration.

We prefer streaming services such as Vimeo or YouTube. Submissions to the annual LASA International Film Festival are now open! To submit, more information about submitting, early-bird deadline, deadline, Terms & Conditions, please visit the LASA listing on FilmFreeway .

LASA / International Film Festival

The Jury

Audacious in its selection and supported by the intelligence and breadth of its audience, films are selected on the basis of quality and originality. Preference is given to premieres. The Festival is always seeking new ways to engineer creative and cultural discovery through film.

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Awards & Honours

Art matters. Film matters. They have the ability to give us hope, to make us reflect, to highlight the similarities and differences of the different peoples around the world. And we seek to reward these films. The awards are open to all nationalities and our society honors works that bring controversial issues of our time to contemporary cinema. But we never lost sight of the public, setting out to raise their awareness of the causes in film after film.


We are not-for-profit arts organization

LASA is an independent organization that believes in bringing together communities by creating transformational film going experiences.

We remain committed to creating connections and sharing films with you, now and into the future. We are sincerely grateful for our ever-supportive audiences. For those who are in the position to help us, we deeply appreciate your contributions.

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